3rd trip to Moorea

The call of Moorea beckoned us back to show Rita what we all had been so excited about. The first night we anchored in our fav spot.

Urska and i did an afternoon dive and it was the best one here, saw a large gray shark, and one of those amazing Napolean Fish, a noble if not goofy looking one meter purple fish with a nose that got it its name. On our return trip Urska and i did a night dive so she now has her 100 ft dive and night dive all in 13 dives!

About the Slovenian crew; i have had several “experienced” guys on board and many now over 25 crew on this voyage. I have found these girls to be the most curious and quick to learn of any. They have learned to launch the dinghy by themselves, (a task that has stumped many). fill the dive tanks, run the gen and manage the charging system, and take the helm. Urska has become a very accomplished dinghy driver and loves to crank that throttle! I All this while providing a high level of aesthetics, golden voices and a laugh a minute.

We moved to Cook’s Bay so we could all enjoy the Tahitian Dancing show. We met with Freestyle, Serenity, Alobar and finally found Whorl Wind. It was the largest contingent of American boats in the south Pacific and good to see old friends. That afternoon we had the typical sprintle of rain and then ahhhhhh the great rainbow. Now i know what is at the end and it is way better than a pot of gold.

The dance show was terrific, very small intimate audience so we were all part of the show– we got to join in the dancing. Tahitian Dancing is simply the hottest thing on earth!!!

Inspired by the show, the sun and a beautiful partner– Lucka and I had an afternoon dance on the deck. She is a very good dancer and is so fun to dip!

Today we will take Rita and several other friends to feed the Rays again–something well worth repeating. We got all the info on the up coming Tahiti Moorea Rally. I have volunteered to be the VIP boat for the event and it looks like oh so much fun. We even get to race an outrigger canoe.