A bit of America and a Great Prank

As we visit a land with so many cultures, 400 years of Spanish colonization with a strong Chinese influence and most recently the US post WWII liberation. It seems the good ol’ Yankee rules have made their mark. The first evidence of this was, wow! they drive on the right. After years of “go left, go left” ringing in my ears, it seems foreign to be on the right again.

The influence has spread to the sea, in all of the world except the USA, the green buoy marks the right side of the channel. In the US we drill drill drill “red right returning” as the red buoy is on the right. This took some real getting used to but i have adapted, so much so that when i entered the well marked harbor here i almost went aground keeping the red buoy on my left. Wow we are really in an American colony, red right returning.

As easy is it is for me, coming from the states to adapt, it was harder for the Captain of this marvelous yacht. We found him on the wrong side of a green marker stopped and befuddled. We were returning from a dive in the dinghy, Grateful Diver so stopped to help.

I told them “American markers red on right” by this time they seem to have figured it out but wanted to leave. As they sped away i saw a golden opportunity and with full throttle sped The Grateful Diver under the huge arch and between the hulls. My crew were in shock and gleaming, their crew just shock as we flew under their boat. Just had to do it!!