A Cello, a Mini helicopter and a Bride

The large family wedding is a monumental event in Asia, fathers save for years for that one special day when their daughters become brides. It is the most important day in a young girls life, much more so than even in western cultures. After all, unlike us, they rarely get more than one wedding day. The taking of pictures a month before the big event is the a major part of this process. The brides get all dressed up in their wedding dresses, grooms in their suits and professional photographers are hired to capture the beauty of the nuptials. These are pictures that will be cherished for year to come.

In Malaysia and Indonesia the about- to- be- weds come to the beaches and marinas for the background of these photo sessions. On several occasions i have offered Furthur as a stage for the shoot. Always the couple are eager and excited to have their pictures taken on yacht. i have laughed before in the blog that somewhere years from now an old loving couple will take a trip to memory lane and remember that old Yankee with the loud shirts in our wedding pictures.

While visiting the dock at one of the resorts i noticed and entourage coming down the dock. Exotic camera gear and a stunning lady in a long dress carrying a cello proceeded by Furthur. i inquired and discovered it was a wedding shoot and instantly invited them aboard. The bride gave me a big smile as she looked up from the dock.

Most Asian bridal photo shoots include a professional photographer and often some sort o handler or two. This one took the cake! they had a remote control helicopter to take the pictures from, wow!

I helped the bride aboard with the cello, turns out it was a prop and she did not actually play the cello. She elegantly posed on the bow as the oh so cool helicopter took off from the dock. The “pilot ” had a monitor screen and the controls, He skillfully flew the mini chopper around Furthur taking picture, bellowing–turn left turn left. Another photographer took land based stills from another exotic looking camera and i with my pocket point and shoot looked out of place.

The shoot was complete and the whole gang including a ton of luggage boarded a fast boat and left the resort. i wish this young Chinese couple all the best and hope someday they will be surrounded by grandchildren beaming at their old wedding pictures and remember the day they came to visit Furthur.