A Day in the Life

I am often asked what we do on a typical day, first there are few typical days but today was as usual as any. It started at the crack of dawn with a dinghy ride to shore to visit the local market. Often these markets are only open in the early morning hours so this is common, not nice, but common. We hit the beach at six and the girls did the shopping while I met some knew friends and drank a new concoction carefully mixed by a wonderful Indonesian lady.

Back on the boat the girls prepared a scrumptious breakfast and some of us took a nap to make up for the early rise. In the heat of the afternoon we all thought a swim was in order and we jumped in Grateful Diver and headed for a small island with a gleaming white sandy beach. We discover the island is a private resort and we stumped the manager by showing up in the dinghy, apparently no one has done this. After some broken talk I ascertain they really do not want us there so we go a few hundred meters off shore and anchor the dink just where the sand dropped off into an abyss.

We swam in the crystal clear water, played with our new ball and basked in the sun. This is tropical living at its best. Back in the boat the girls seemed to be up to something, mmm, and demanded that I take them to another beach. No sooner had we landed than their evil plot unfolded and I was covered in bright colored powder and bellowing laughter. See the next posting to find out why.

As customary, one of the crew is assigned the dubious task of barber. Samgot this job and we set up the barber shop on the swim step. This is a long honored Furthur tradition passed from crew to crew. Buzz buzz here and clip clip there and I look like a million dollars, ok not that good.

Back on Furthur I did the engine checks for the next day’s voyage, filled six dive tanks and made a hundred gallons of water, love than new water maker! While I am busy at this the girls did the daily cleaning and meal planning. Sam works on new challenge, key lime pie (it turned out great!) and Rosie and Laura on lunch.

We all got ready to “go to town” and left in the dinghy just at dusk. Soon we found my friend Sari and we par oozed the food venders. I got a small lobster for a starter. We then went to “the” restaurant and sampled Indo food from the buffet. I had a great meal of rice, chicken, omelet sort of thing and fish. I paid for my dinner, two beverages and Sari’s dinner and drink, about three bucks all together.

The day ending and the village getting very quiet except for the whaling of the call to prayer from the Mosques, we head back to Furthur. Sam fixes one of her famous ice cream delights for me and we watch an episode of Bones, we do love a gruesome murder just before bedtime! Under a clear star filled sky the crew of Furthur sought their nightly perches, some outside some in and I bid them all good night. So ends just another ho hum day in paradise.

Photos by Laura Tommasi