A New Adventure for Furthur

Furthur now has a reputation of being the fun boat eager for a new and unique adventures. We have been the committee boat at the Tahiti Puddle Jump Race, hosted a whale research team in Niue, were the “American Boat” at Australia Day in Sydney, stage for wedding pictures in Bali, Sea Shepherd fund raiser in Brisbane, hosted numerous parties with guests from around the world and many other unique events.

Never one to pass up a chance at something new and fun, I jumped at the request to be the crew boat for the first all-female racing crew to enter the Bay Regatta. For the next four days Furthur will be the home of the crew of Lady SevenStar. 

The Bay Regatta has been an icon of Thai sailing for years; it is a series of races to exotic destinations for four days, ending in Au Chalong Yacht Club, the sponsors. Each night after the race a host resort sponsors a gala dinner and party, my favorite part of yacht racing, haha.

Our team is racing a hot rod catamaran, a Fire Fly. I watched these little bombs blast around the course at the King’s Cup and was very impressed. The very international crew fits in with the Furthur multi-national theme. I will also have a photographer onboard during the day to shoot the races. I have been asked to be the master of ceremonies at one of the parties so I will have plenty to do. Our team is sponsored by SevenStar Shipping Co. the premier transporter of Yachts to the Med. Furthur may take this ride someday.

So yet another fun and unique opportunity is given to Furthur.

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