A note from past crew

65 amazing days on Furthur!

It’s impossible describe in few words this experience. It’s not only about a boat or living in the sea, it’s much more than it! I got a new family, closed friends and had lots of first and unforgetable experiences!

About family and closed friends… I can tell it with no doubt cause I just left the boat and feel a big hole in my heart. In two months, every day and every time together, I think It’s easy to get bored of each other, but I felt each day we were more and more closed, never bored. Now It’s hard to be far from all.

About first and unforgetable experiences:

. Only water everywhere, for 3 days

. See land, after 3 days cruising from Australia to Indonesia . Walking around in Kupang, first contact in Indonesia . Going to the local market, where nobody speaks English!

. Learning Bahasa Indonesia with locals

. One night with a local family, in Kupang . Working as a waitress and learning cook in a local restaurant in Riung . See my captain teaching the Mickey Mouse song to children in Tomia . Dozen of dolphins playing beside the boat… Several times!! Brian takes the boat to the dolphins… This Captain doesn’t exist!!

. Whales!!! Amazing Captain putting the boat next them…

. Dolphings at night. Amazing. I can’t describe.

. Night dive

. Night wacth!

. Dancing dive 😉

. Manta Rays… Best dive of my life!

. Dive every day

. Dive three times in a day

. Komodo dragon

. Take a lift in the back of a local boat with kayak, in Labuan Bajo . Kayak surfing!

. Playing and singing with a local band in Lombok . Working as bartender in Gili Air . Swim with heaps and heaps of jelly fishs . Wake up my captain with awesome jelly fishs ;)))

That’s it. I decided to get off the boat and keep traveling in land. Now I realised that the Indonesia wich regular turists know is completely different from the Indonesia that I knew beeing onboard Furthur.

Brian, I’m extremely grateful for each moment onboard. It was fabulous, I’ll never forget.

Thanks for everything. Hope see you again soon!

Tight hug!


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