Allor, the second port in Indonesia

Allor, the second port in Indonesia

The Rally left our first Indonesian port with fond memories and tales of new adventure. The stay there was clearly a taste of the exotic land we would explore for the next three months.

We picked up our two new crew members there; Lisa, from Russia and Sally from the UK. Both came new to boating and both eager to learn and drink in the experiences.

the traditional jump off the deck for new crew

The short and smooth 24 hour passage brought us to the island of Allor. We were greeted with a warm and enthusiastic array of offers of help. It soon became apparent that we were looked at as a bit of a wind fall to the economy, one of the pitfalls of traveling with a large group of boats.

All in all we had a blast, again lots of local dancing, shopping in very rustic markets—I mean real third world stuff here.

this guy is roasting coffee for us–talk about fresh!

Again we were surrounded by warm, happy and very friendly people. I think you can judge a culture by the smile level of its children. If so, the folks here have take it off the charts, as the kids always beam and the eyes are so bright and curious.

As is Kupang, we were discovered by a young student who was so eager to practice his English that he followed us all day, as translator and tour guide.

We rented motor scooters, did a long ride in the out skirts of town and to another larger market. On the way back I got a flat tire. No sooner was it discovered than a chap showed up, took me to a primitive shop and negotiated the repair—then he disappeared, with no intention of getting anything for his kindness. The shop was out of the 1930’s but they got the tube replaced and me back on the road for eight bucks and in fifteen minutes—again try that back home, hahaha.

rustic but efficient tire repair

We have had great fun with the full crew, the all love to laugh and have a great time. We enjoy the warm water swims, the dancing and the festivities.

Now we are off to a much more remote area, Wakatobi, of legendary diving and tropical atolls. We are making this side trip with four other boats so we are leaving the rally for a bit. It will be good to be away from the crowd and certainly will be good to see them again in a few weeks.