Back at Sea

With Thailand and all its wonders fading in the distance we began the long journey down the Malaaca Straights to Singapore and then Borneo. The trip to Singapore is just over 500 nautical miles of straight passage plagued by strong current, usually against us. We will skirt the oncoming shipping lanes staying on the Malaysia side.

The Malaaca Straights are the longest straights in the world and one of the most historical and well traveled shipping routes in the world. A quick look at the AIS screen verifies the traffic, lots of traffic. We are safe outside the shipping lanes where the only hazards are the scattered fishing boats. About ten years ago there was some piracy on the Indonesian side, cruisers were cautioned when taking this passage. The Malaysian military responded quickly and without brutal efficiency ending all piracy instantly. Maybe we should hire them to fix the Somali piracy as it seems with all our might we rendered impotent.

With the lure of great Borneo diving we decide to make fast tracks and be able to use some time on the Borneo coast. I have seen this passage and will again in the fall so fast tracking is fine with me. This is such a shift from the short runs and tons of fun cruising mode we enjoyed in Thailand that I was concerned for the happiness of my wonderful crew. No worries, both Marina and Amy were glad to be under way, do night passages and gain experience. The Serenity (a nice name for boredom hahaha) of being at sea seams to suit both of them well. We pass the time talking, listening to music, get a bit of exercise and I take the opportunity to add to my song list on the guitar. For me, predawn departures and long long days are heaven; I am in my natural realm. Maybe it is my brush with Buddhism but I find joy in the absence of thought now, the miles upon miles of flat water provide a Zen like carpet to travel on.

Amy getting some exercise at Sea, she can do amazing Yoga poses while we are underway too! First stop was Langkaw after an all night passage in near perfect conditions, flat seas, stars and half a moon. This was perfect for the girl’s first night watches. Up before the sun we hit Penang then several late night anchorages and early departures until we hit my favorite marina in Malaysia, Admiral Marina, in Port Dickson. Here we met several of our cruising friends and met some new ones too. We relished the time in the luxurious swimming pool and a great feast at a local outdoor Chinese Restaurant with our friends. This marina is a great deal, uniformed guards to open the gates, exquisite architecture and well maintained and protected marina all for under twenty dollars a day.

We will reach Danga Bay, a marina on the Malaysia side just above Singapore tomorrow just a short week after we left Phuket. We all agreed that we did not need to stop in Singapore on this trip. We are on a mission.