Back in a Club

Back at “the Club”

I was a member of a yacht club the day i was born. My Dad was a well-known racer at our local club, there is still a Ross Calvert Perpetual Trophy in the trophy case. A few years ago i visited the old club, Bremerton Yacht Club, then led by an old classmate of mine. i got the ball rolling and they now offer the trophy again at a youth sailboat race, Dad would be proud.

Later in my life as i moved to the San Juans and plunged head first into the boating business and life i joined the San Juan Island Yacht Club to which i was an active member until i moved away. I saw my beloved club rise to excellence, fall to despair with internal battles that split the club, and heal itself and become an excellent club once again.

When i moved to Seattle, i found a club tailor made for me, the Seattle Singles Yacht Club. Here was a club of single folks about my age who shared a love of fun and boating. I enjoyed a year of activities with this club and kept long-time friends. i still get visitors from the club and once the fifteen members chartered boats and joined me for a week of cruising in Phucket, what a blast we had.

As i am a man without a home the last few years, joining a club has not been practical. i have participated in different club events but as a visitor only. Now that i am centering more in the central Philippines, a club membership makes more sense. We love Puerto Galera, the town, the anchorage and particularly the PGYC moorings and club house. So when i was invited to join i did not hesitate.

Two Selenes at PGYC
What i found was a “cruisers” club, most members are xpats, many from Australia and the UK, a few Yanks as well with a good Filipino mix. Both Donna and I were made to feel right at home. The club has a restaurant, WiFi, and bar. There are many scheduled events and weekly dinners. When they found out i play music i was invited to play, i set up an “open mic night” for other folks to join in.

every young sailor tips over
One of my criteria for a successful yacht club is a good junior sailing program, it is a must. i cut my teeth sailing small boats in a club associated with the Bremerton Yacht Club, The Peninsula Sailing Club, we even produced an America’s Cup sailor! It was apparent from the start that this was a priority of the PGYC as one can regularly see the small boats zipping around cans in the anchorage.

i was the auctioneer at a recent fund raiser for the Small Boat Program, as i was getting bids of 4000p for a 500p bottle of Champagne i badgered the bidders by saying, “someday the Olympic gold will go to one of these kids and you will be part of it, do i hear 5000p”

We sat in the anchorage for several weeks and daily enjoyed the kids using Furthur as a mark. On Wet Wednesdays members can take a boat out so i took Donna for her first sailboat ride. a darting, heeling tiny boat was not to her pleasure, i think she is a confirmed power boater now haha.

Recently we joined the PGYC for a yearly cruise to a small town, Romblin Romblin (like New York, New York) as guests of the Romblin Yacht Club. We are joined by two other yacht clubs as well. Eleven PGYC boats are signed up for the 100-mile trip making two stops along the way.

The other big news is we have a new crew member, Donna’s five-year-old son, Priam, is visiting. He loves the boat and having a blast, there are other “kid boats” on this rally and they seem to all get along famously. This, of course, gives my “inner child” a big excuse to come out, we are planning a water gun attack the other kid boats as we speak… and yup he loves to pull my finger hahaha

So we enjoyed a week with the club in Romblon, the host club was extremely accommodating. We basked in the comradery of other cruisers, new friends both foreigners and Filipinos. Then we headed back to “our club” for a few weeks, tied to one of the convenient club moorings.

This will be our knitch for next year or so, cruising central Philippines in the season and hanging out at the marina in the off season– Then who knows what course we will set?? I do know it will be an adventure!

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Capt. Brian Calvert

M/Y Furthur

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