Birthday in Australia

[] [] [] Birthday in Australia

I celebrated my 59th birthday with a varied group of new friends over a week’s time. Do it big or don’t do it, I always say. The first event, the day before my birthday, was the Sea Shepherd Party that I donated at the fund raiser. A group of seven pitched in and bid $450.00 for the “River Cruise on Furthur”. We could not have had a more gracious and fun group aboard.

After the cruise I went to the pub with the group as Chris demanded I leave the boat—mmm what is she up to? Upon my return I found yet another party in full motion. Chris had invited some of the wonderful friends we had made and a few new ones for me. Again it was an international event; Hong Kong, Taiwan, Bolivia, of course Australia and two yanks. More wonderful food, a great cake and a song or two by the Bolivian troubadour all added up to a spectacular day.

On the day of my birthday I rented a car—yikes stay left, stay left and headed down the coast to a small surfing, hippie community called Byron Bay. It lived up to its name, you can even rent a “Hippie Camper” there.

I met Madi, a Sea Shepherd member and famed shark diver, for a dive. Madi has expressed interest in crewing and as she is a quite young, the discussion had to include her Dad. Normally I would not consider crew of this age but all who meet her agree she is exceptional. She is an experienced underwater videographer so would add to the crew nicely.

After the dive Ernst, the dad, and I went on a long hike to a famed light house and the most eastern point of Australia.

This is an incredible are with amazing beaches and an arty, hippie culture. A guy from Furthur fit right in.