Birthday Party

Birthday Party

For the second year I enjoyed celebrating my birthday with my Aussie mate, Steve. We discovered the shared hallmark while cruising in Indonesia last year. The party was great, sixty cruisers joined our “60’s” event as we both turned the big corner.

This year I knew a party would happen and so we scurried up to Thailand to be here for the big days. Turns out two others shared the day so four of us and a bunch of friends came together at the Phuket Cruisers Club for a bash.

Live entertainment, great food and great fun filled the night. I sat in with the guitar player who used technology to replace a full band. He had a computer program that played drums, base and other stuff while he sang and played his Epiphone Les Paul guitar. I plugged in the Black Gibson and played some of my favorite’s most too old school for his computer, hahaha. A few of the other guests came up to sing too.

The crowd was a mixture of cruisers, many I know from the two years of SE Asia rallies, some locals and some combinations. This is such a great place that cruisers get “stuck” here, some find local companions. I also met some of my Thai friends from last year so the night was a great mix of old and new friends.

Each year since I have left I have had extraordinary birthday parties. Each year friends have gone all out to make magical nights happen. This is the cruiser’s lifestyle; we cling to traditional celebrations and love parties. We are in independent lot but bond to each other and treasure the connections.