Boys gone wild

The boys of Furthur are having fun! Jess has taken to snorkeling and kayaking and narrowly escaped certain peril

Watch Out!

Tom stayed in Musket Cove to party with some mates when we went north. i dropped the hook back in Musket Cove and not long after heard a hail on the VHF. The office was calling and it had something to do with Tom and asked if i could come into the office–now! yikes what could the lad have done??? i get there to find Tom in the hands of three of Fiji’s finest– plain clothed detectives from the mainland– oh things are not getting better. It seems he had found a campsite on the other end of the island and they found his gear but no Tom. When they found him they thought he was an illegal alien –something they take very seriously here— He told them he was on Furthur, not knowing i had returned. He was sooooo glad when i answered the radio hail. i set it all straight and the very friendly cops–albeit serious if things did not go well– bid us farewell.

Tom has recovered from his ordeal after a nap