Brides, Fireworks, and Vampires

Tis been an action packed trip back to the good ol USA. So good to see all my friends and family and at the perfect time of year. Really the only time of year i can tolerate the Seattle weather now hahaha. First on the agenda was a family wedding, my cousin Lua was married soon after i arrived. I got to see some very remote relatives i had not seen in years. Through facebook i have connected with some of them, notably Lua’s brother Jer who has lived on the East Coast most of his life. Although we “chat” regularly, i had not seen him since i took him to see ET, when it first came out! We had a good laugh on that one. I am extremely happy for Lua, she seems to have found a great man and is full of joy.

Next on the list came the best US holiday, the Fourth of July! It is such a big event for Seattle boaters that it is done twice, on the 3rd and 4th. My old home town, Poulsbo, host fireworks on the 3rd and the bay fills with hundreds of boats to see the display. I was invited to sail over with my good friend Gail on her lovely 43′ boat, Defiance. i even took the helm for the sail. We rafted with about 15 other boats from my old yacht club and had a festive time hopping from boat to boat catching up with old friends. Poulsbo was settled by Scandinavians and the influence is everywhere, you can actually buy Lutefisk there, ya ya you betcha!

Back in Seattle on Lake Union i rejoined Chris and his boat full as we anchored under the shadow of the Space Needle. The fireworks on the boat were as good as those off as Chris wound up with two girl friends on boat at the same time, most entertaining hahaha.

The next day i hopped on the motorcycle and headed to the Washington coast to join my sister, brother in law and brother. they have a spot in an RV park and enjoy it often. I laughed as it was not far from where our parents had their camp spot, we are all becoming our parents haha. Sister Vickie joined me for the ride home and we took the long way around the mountains making a complete loop of the Olympic Peninsula, one of the most spectacular rides on earth.

The ride takes us through the once sleepy logging town of Forks, once just a spot on the map and place to go through. Then came the Twilight books and movies, all of which take place in Forks. Many of my international crew are big fans of the tales of vampires, werewolf’s and passion. Now Forks is an international destination. You can stay in the Band B that is the home of the Cullens. or visit Bella’s home and see her fine old Chevy trucks.

Back in Seattle now for a banner sunny day, i am giving a talk tomorrow for Selene owners and enthusiasts and then off on another motorcycle adventure!

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