Bringing in 2014 Filippino Style

The Last three New Year’s Eves have been world class epic events with casts of thousands in famous places. Three years ago we brought in the new year in Sydney Australia anchored under the renowned Harbor Bridge and were blown away by the world’s greatest fireworks show. Sydney makes this claim i certainly have not seen better. We had a huge party on Furthur with the girls all “tarted up” coming from nine countries, it was a glorious night.

The last two new year’s eves i have experienced the decadence of Patong Beach in Phuket. Again spectacular fireworks and a trip into the underworld of the Thai culture. We took in gala Ladyboy shows, the renowned Ping Pong Show and danced in the streets and on the beach with thousands of not so regal partiers. Last year Paris Hilton put on a massive party right on the beach with imported New York DJ’s spinning dance music till dawn.

This year was a far mellower and personal experience and one that i will remember. We had come back to the fairytale setting of Puerto Del Sol a small resort nestled in a serene Bay with two other boutique resorts and a few homes. The draw to this area is the once in a life time diving on WWII wrecks. Six Japanese ships lie on the bottom of this shallow bay, two within sight of the Bay. So divers come to this small resort and stay in picturesque bungalows enjoy gourmet dining and intimate accommodations while diving on rare sites.

 We had been here previously and quickly was befriended by the owner of the resort, Mike, an xpat who settled here years ago and his family and staff. i knew this is where i wanted to spend the transition into the new year. The night before i set up my gear and played for a packed house at the Resto Bar, must say one of my better nights. I was asked to come back for the big night and eagerly agreed. People popped back and forth from the two other resorts and we had a rotation of guests ending with just the family, staff and friends of the owner. I had brought a bag of percussion toys and the lovely ladies all joined in the music making. Mike, the owner, seems to have a real love of my 60’s repertoire.

We were also joined by the newest Furthur crew, Harpa, who arrived just in time for the merriment all the way from Iceland, welcome aboard!. So Harpa, the staff including the incredible Kendra and her exotic friend Blue, a sparky French lady, Tally, and the take-your-breath-away-stop-your- heart mesmerizingly gorgeous Mika all joined in. I have never had such a luscious back up ensemble.

After a scrumptious candle lit meal served under the stars on the balcony i fired up the Gibson and we rocked out 2013. Just before midnight we all went to the shore and set adrift dozens of flaming tiny bamboo rafts the drifted into the bay, twas a sight to behold.

Next we piled into several small boats and went resort hopping, arriving at the neighbors in time for some dancing and fun. In the wee hour of the morning we all went our separate ways returning to our abodes in the still of the night. i sat out under the stars in this clear and calm Filippino night and once again marveled at the life i lead.

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