Could it Be?

    The Good Lord looked down at the carnage of WWII, saw the world in a terrible state, inhumanity, despair, the loss of all things of beauty. He saw the invention of weapons that could eventually end his beloved earth. He knew he had to do something. What would bring joy to the world …

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Rite of Passage

    Nothing opens the window to a people’s heart or gives a clearer insight into a culture than their children and their rites of passage. I have been fortunate to have been very immersed in children of many cultures, always an enlightening experience. I have also been blessed with being invited, usually the only …

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Going Furthur Review

GOING FURTHUR DOCUMENTARY Review by Brian Calvert, “The Captain”     The task; Bring fifty-year-old legends to life, reincarnate tales that formed our lives and our culture. Then bring it to the present; with two and a half months, 15,000 miles and countless unique and interesting personal encounters. All while describing what was indescribable, defining …

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