Come hear about Furthur Adventures!

I will be presenting at several events in the Seattle area soon. First the annual Selene Rendezvous at Roche Harbor April 26-29. It will be great to go back to the island and see all my friends plus see all my Selene’r friends and share my experiences with them. You can register for the Rendezvous at . I hope to see you there but be wary after you hear about my adventures you may find yourself wearing an Hawaiian shirt and heading south. I will talk about preparations, planning, and the route and all the fantastic times I have had. I am also working with the management of my old yacht club, San Juan Island Yacht Club, to make a presentation there too.

It is my great honor to have been selected to speak at the Anocortes Trawlerfest, May 17-19. I have attended many Trawlerfest’s and now I get to give back to the cruising community.

I will focus on the nuts and bolts of making a long distance passage but more so on addressing the fears that keep most of us from taking their dream voyage. After two and half years, 20,000 miles and fourteen countries, I have found that most of the things I was afraid of just do not exist or can be avoided easily. It is the fear itself that holds us back.

I look forward to seeing many of you at these events. If you are considering taking the big jump I would be glad to spend time with you individually also, just let me know. Look for the very tan guy with the big smile shivering in the cold.