Priam all cozy even on an 85 degree evening


in the Pacific Northwest I had a fantastic diesel fired, hydronic heating system. I was pure luxury. Each room had thermostats, heated lockers, even heated towel racks. Five years of not using it, and needing the space for a new larger water maker, I removed the burner, no one wanted it in the tropics, so it went to a land fill.

In Thailand I had a single home style unit installed, with compressor on the upper deck with one cooling unit in the saloon. This sufficed for nearly ten years. Only maintenance was changing a condenser to 60 hrz as the Philippines is American that way.

As we are spending more time at the dock now with Priam’s school, we needed to cool the lower area of the boat, plus the old unit was failing.  We really don’t use the AC much while cruising in the cooler dry season, but nice to have it at the dock.

As I was involved in the service and warranty of many traditional yacht AC systems that pump water into the boat, have massive installation issues and on a refit a very high cost, I went with a household system. I saw this on Thai livaboard dive boats, brilliant idea, The last one survived ten years so confident in the new one.

I contacted several Air Conditioning shops, most were quite reluctant to work on a boat, although I assured them my boat crew would handle all the feeding of pipes. Finally, we found a small local owner operated shop, HCTEK. Information on models and price was provided and components ordered.

Working with our Boat Man, Oliver and crew the over head was removed, some cutting and fitting and the two units were in place in a couple days.

This system chilled the boat right down in 90plus degree weather, maybe even too cool, We had to learn to turn it down,  it is totally silent and draws little juice. Could not be happier!

The two units cost about $1800 usd, installed.

As you can see by the picture, we have yet to plumb the condensate from the lower one into the shower sump pump, that is coming soon.  The fascinating part is just how much water it creates, that 5gal bucket almost fills in an evening a product of the humid air here in paradise. I told Priam this is a science lesson. This is absolutely pure, distilled water he put it in the icemaker completing the cycle, I got me cool drink from thin air!

Just another one of the many things a cruiser can do very simply and cheaply to be comfortable.  

3 thoughts on “COOl TIMES ON FURTHUR”

  1. Having lived 6 months a year for the last 9 years in Thailand I totally recognize your AC units….good thinking and awesome solution. What is they say about getting out of the problem and into the solution lol I would not be drinking water condensed by using the AC. In an emergency where there was no other fresh water then yes, but at dock not happening for me. Keep the stories of life in paradise coming….thank you

  2. Kenda Machorro- Seattle

    I enjoy your adventures!! Thank you for sharing them with those who love to follow you. Glad Priam is getting schooling and life lessons (science). 💗 The air system sounds pretty amazing.

  3. If the condensate accumulates even a little bit before draining you should not consume it, maybe not even if it doesn’t accumulate. Remember Legionnaires Disease?
    Stay safe my friend.

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