Cruise in Paradise and save big bucks!

How would you like to save $200 to $400 thousand dollars on your Selene over US or European prices and cruise in the most beautiful areas of the world?

Selene is long known to be a world class ocean voyaging yacht, well built, excellent accommodations and with a new build you get it “your way” with a level of customization not found in other makes.

We are offering factory direct sales, then delivery in the Philippines, enjoying 7000 islands, endless white sandy beaches, remote anchorages, boater friendly boutique resorts and world class diving.

Enjoy all this and not pay shipping, taxes, sales tax, VAT, duties, the new tariffs, or dealer costs, then receive the benefits of extremely low labor costs for commissioning and maintenance.

overlooking another fantastic anchorage
Capt. Brian Calvert will assist you in all areas of this endeavor from the specifications, through the build to deliver, commissioning and cruise planning. Capt. Brian has twenty years’ experience in selling and servicing Selene Ocean Trawlers. He has also voyaged halfway around the world on his Selene 48, now a resident of the Philippines, with beautiful wife and Filipino family, so you will not be alone here

Your adventure will start in Subic Bay, once home to the largest US Naval base outside the USA and still a large shipping port. We have compiled a great crew of skilled technicians, artisans, suppliers and laborers in Subic Bay to attend to all your needs. Enjoy staying at Subic Bay Yacht Club, with its extremely secure and protected marina, luxury accommodations and proximity to major shopping centers for provisioning and fine dining.

From there explore the 7000 islands, some rated as the most beautiful in the world. Serene anchorages next to white sandy beaches, crystal clear warm water where you will be alone in the world. The next day drop by one of the dozens of boater friendly boutique resorts, many offering moorings and all with scrumptious dining.

Dive or snorkel on pristine coral reefs, or historic WWII shipwrecks. All destinations will be within day hops, and easily navigated and if you are lucky, escorted by pods of friendly dolphins!

When the season is over and the first rain drops fall, return to Subic for maintenance and the “rainy season” July to October. It would take a lifetime to see all that is available, but if the quest to explore grows, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand are all within easy reach with no long ocean crossings. If you tire of endless anchorages, amazingly friendly people and near perfect weather, you can take the boat to the USA or Europe and import as a used boat at lower rates, and hopefully after the tariffs are gone? Both trips can be made easily on your Selene or simply ship it. Import your Selene as a used vessel, or simply cruise as a foreign flagged yacht.

one of the many boater friendly resorts
Capt Brian will help in all facets of cruise planning, where to go, what you need, who to see, and importantlywhere not to go. With the exception of a few small well-known areas, SE Asia is extremely safe. One can also join several long distance, well organized rallies to explore the area as well.

What an adventure! Selener’s are famed adventurers, and always know a good deal when they see it, so come along! Let the Adventure Begin! Make your Dream your Story.