Deepavali, the Festival of Lights

Deepavali, the Festival of Lights

I braved the Singapore transit system and headed into town to partake in the grand Festival of Lights. I have found myself both confused and fascinated by Hinduism and the history of the many gods and goddesses. This is the largest festival of many; one of the reasons l like this religion is the many varied and elaborately celebrated festivals. In seeking a good time I found a spiritual experience unexpected.

As I posted before, this is the celebration of goodness over evil and light over darkness. Light certainly won out on the streets of Little India last night. I walked the entire lit up street, dined in a small café and joined the thousands of traditionally clad celebrators in the street.

I bought several small goddess statues and learned that the main goddess celebrated at this festival, Lakshmi, was the goddess of wealth and prosperity. Learn more here;

I stopped by a large temple, following a huge crowd. After removing my shoes I entered the room filled with the faithful. No one seemed to notice me although I certainly did not fit in. The people were there on holy purpose and oblivious to other distractions. I am a real “when in Rome do as the Romans do” believer so I bowed at the goddesses and lined up for a blessing.

A holy man passed about with a smoking candle and blessed each of us with a smudge on the forehead. I am woefully ignorant of what this signifies but I felt a deep connection and physical awareness that something significant had just happened. I have had the same experience before when partaking in rituals I did not understand but knew they were real. It would seem that God connects to us through many channels if we open our hearts.


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  1. Right click and “Open in a new tab” and they will open fine. Enjoy your pics and articles Brian….safe travels.

  2. For some reason, since the 10/25 entry, I have not been able to double click to enlarge your photos. Not sure if you changed something on the blog or it’s my computer. Really enoy following your adventure. My wife and I met you at the
    last Anacortes boat show before you headed South.

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