Farewell July

Again I bid farewell to a great crew member and friend, July. July was aboard Furthur for nearly 4 months with a long passage through three countries and a stay in Thailand. As is common she came to Furthur with little experience on boats but an eagerness to learn. As we did most of the passage with just the two of us she had to learn fast and she did.

July became Furthur’s “Commander Reiker” (Star Trek reference for first officer) as the senior crew and trained several new crew members. She mastered all the facets of crew on the boat, deck work, dinghy handling, dive gear maintenance and most of all master of the galley. The newer crew learned to rely on her as did i.

July took her Open Water dive course while first on Furthur, by the time she had left she had 30 dives, including; wreck dives, deep dives, night dives and use of the compass. She turned out to be an excellent dive partner. Her plans now include pursuing that life style and becoming a PSDI dive instructor. She will be the third Furthur crew to do so.

July hails from the land of Evita, Che Guevara and the Tango; Argentina. Her English is excellent and the Latin accent very charming, I will miss warm voice and yes even her newly acquired cussing. July became, as have many, a Dexter addict and I teased her about channeling Deb Morgan who is famed for her raucous language. As she travels the world she will always ask, “where in fucktopia am i?”

Seeking new experiences and more adventure she has joined the crew of a small sailboat and a findacrew friend of mine. She may have some adjustments to make coming from Furthur, like no ice maker, hahaha, but I am sure she will do well and learn more.

I wish July all the best and hope she continues to have great adventures and keeps making her dream her story. She welcome back anytime and I know we will cross paths again.