Farewell Missy

With a sad heart and many thanks for her time on Furthur, I took Missy ashore to begin her journey home. She spent one month aboard and in that time she won the hearts of all of us and many of our cruising and local friends. Missy is one of those people it is impossible not to like. Missy soon became one of the best crew I have had, she took charge of many of the operations, I soon learned to trust her completely. I was glad to have her as a dive partner where she racked up many dives and some real challenges all with ease.

Not only was she great crew but Missy is a pure joy to be around, her always positive attitude is contagious. Like others before her, she had an uncanny way of making new friends and she jumped back and forth across the generation gap with ease.

This was one of the toughest good byes i have had to say, i will miss her profoundly. I am again reminded that had i never set sail i would have not known the pleasure of her company so on i go about the world blessed by the flow of great people my journey brings to me. I hope Missy will join us again someday and wish her the best in all her adventures.