Farewell to Lucka

Farewell to Lucka

As I have mentions many times, the most amazing and least expected joy of this voyage have been the wonderful new friends I have had as crew. Most have been much younger—like half my age– and many from places other than the USA. I am always reminded by one comment on a shark dive in The Tuamotos; one lad says, “hey you are my Dad’s age” and the young Danish gal I had as crew says, “he hears that allot”

If you have followed this blog you will know I had the profound blessing of having one very special young lady from Slonvanija as crew for three months, Lucka. We met in the Tuamotos diving, and she and her remarkable friend, Urska, joined me for a month of cruising Tahiti. That was a time of indescribable joy.

The time came for them to return to their homeland and I was stricken with a deep sadness soon relieved by the sudden news that Lucka would stay on board until Fiji.

During the three month, five country and two thousand miles together we grew into great friends a kind of friendship that was totally unique to me. We had adventures a plenty, danced in rare places—even underwater—laughed hard and loud and bonded as two close friends.

Lucka is a very independent and strong person and I am not—shall we say– known to be overly flexible—so we did have a spat or two always with a warm resolution and always showing love and respect.

I watched her in so many varied social encounters and always marveled at her dexterity and ability to connect with people of all backgrounds and all ages—she danced from person to person touching each soul and then off to the next like a well choreographed ballet. It was a joy to watch.

She was a magnet for interesting people and brought many to the boat. Many were not folks I would usually be drawn to but turned out to be great friends and experiences; Oliver, Davina, Tubias, come to mind. I soon learned to expand my horizons and I too brought in the fringe traveler; Tom, the crew of Bubbles and Enchantress or the wild assortment local folks at every island we stopped at. Lucka’s interest and attraction of unique people was contagious.

As crew, there has been no better. She learned fast, and had a curiosity that was unlimited. By the time she left she could do most any task on the boat, and was able to teach others most of the procedures. She managed the galley so well that I rarely even looked at the provisions or the organization—a situation that became apparent only in her absence.

From the hours of late night star lit talks we had I know she had to go home and resolve her life issues. She came to the South Seas one person and left another—only time will tell how that new person does at home and in her life and love at home. She has my profound blessings on that quest. I am sure her life will be extraordinary and her adventures aplenty.