Farewell Troy

After a record five month stint on Furthur, Troy has left for new adventures. He was able to get a job on a total refit of a large schooner in Pengang. This will be a great opportunity and challenge for him and I am sure he will do well.

Troy came to Furthur in Caines Australia and did the truck up to Darwin, the Sail Indonesia Rally, Singapore and the Sail Malaysia Rally with us. He came from a shy inexperienced lad to being a top rate crew in that time. Troy took to any mechanical task put on him and worked side by side with me on all maintenance and repair projects. He assumed the maintenance of several systems on his own.

I quickly gave him allot of challenges and responsibilities, I called him “number on” like Riker in Star Trek Next Generation. He acquired the respect and love of all the female crew and they relied on him for direction. He really acquired the love of a few of our gals, he had an amazing way of flitting from flower to flower reminiscent of the famous speech from the King and I by Yule Brenner.

I wish Troy the best in his endeavors. He is welcome back on Furthur anytime.