Floods in Australia

I am glad to report that we have not been effected by the horrific flooding in Australia. As i moved south to Sydney a month ago i left the flood area. Some of my friends were not so lucky. The wonderful marina i stayed at in Brisbane was totally destroyed along with several boats who could not get out in time. I know one great young couple who lost their boathouse and my heart goes out to them. My cruising mates from the South Pacific, Bristol Rose, did manage to get out in time and move off the river. they are safe and sound. I called all my friends in Brisbane and all are OK.

It is hard for us to perceive an area larger than Texas and Oklahoma combined under water but that is what happened. When all that water headed down the rivers it was a disaster. It was tragic yet inspirational to see the Ausie spirit in action. They did not whine or wait for outside help, they all dug in and made the best of a terrible situation. I salute the Australian people, we could learn from them.