For Dad

Dedication of the Circumnavigation of Furthur

We laid my father to rest last week at a full honors military funeral fitting a great American hero and a wonderful Dad. I got my love of boating and adventure along with my “no fear” attitude from my dad.

He was a survivor in the true sense of the word, not just surviving but doing it with joy. While serving our country in WWII as a tail gunner in a B17, he was shot down and captured by the Germans. Two years as a POW, near starvation, and forced marches across Germany did not keep his spirit down.

Dad was an excellent sailor and raced Star boats in the 40’s/50’s. He was a strong supporter of our junior sailing program, in fact a fellow junior sailor from our old club—not so junior anymore –attended the service. We remembered Dad taking us to, then brand new Shilshole Marina, to look at those huge 6 meter racing boats.

Dad donated a large trophy in the early 50’s to the Bremerton Yacht Club. The Calvert Cup was given out to sailboat races until the club suspended its racing program in the 60’s. I found the trophy on a visit to the club and worked with the leadership to reinstate the event. The Calvert Cup was once again presented to a winning yacht this summer and will be an annual event.

When I made the switch to a power boat I did not have the courage to tell Dad, he thought an engine on a sailboat was blasphemy. I wrote an article in the San Juan Journal about why I was making the change to a trawler, titled “Sorry Dad” and sent him the article. We had a good laugh out of it.

I have now completed leg one of my circumnavigation, a voyage Dad fully supported to the extent that he did not want me to know of his illness lest it interrupt my voyage.

I dedicate this voyage to my father, and will continue around the world exploring new places in his memory; he will always be with me.