We departed Puerto los Cabos and headed north around the tip and up the coast. We left at midnight to get to the next stop in time to enjoy the facilities as they were said to be the best we had seen—they were! We had the first head seas of the trip, no longer would be enjoy the gentle roll of following seas we had all learned to move by. I did my watch and crawled up on the bridge for a short nights sleep.

We arrived at Bahia de los Muertos –the bay of the dead—which I took as being named for us Deadheads and was ready to break out my tie dyed t shirt- but not so I learned. Interestingly enough, the name was in the process of being changed by a developer who thought it bad marketing. I doubt he will ever succeed.

We anchor and go ashore to be greeted by friendly staff who gave us the tour. This had originally be the private home of a successful American real estate mogul. Now he shares the spender with limited guests. The highlight of the facilities is the bar with huge electric trains running around the parameter.

The dinner is served in the train room and we are entertained by another great local band. The owner, who I had the pleasure of meeting, gave a great talk on the efforts to save the “Sea” from over fishing and environmental disasters. His colleges from the Save the Sea organization are doing great work. We shared information and I told him about our work in the San Juan’s. Turns out the owner lived on one of the remote San Juan Islands before moving to Mexico—small world.

Anchors up and the short run to La Paz began. We passed through the, again over rated, Canal de Lorenzo in which the only real challenge is the inaccuracy of the charts. We enter the Costa Baja marina, get slip assignments and tie up all with expert help from the staff.

We had been promised a “real” Thanksgiving feast, our mouths watering we anxiously headed for the amphitheatre –God do not let it be Turkey Tacos! All were pleased to find the dinner just like home. A hush fell over the large crowd as the turkey and trimmings were consumed. Now I have developed a great taste for the “everything in an enchilada” cuisine and really stick to the eat like a local when traveling plan—but mmmm this was great complete with pumpkin pie.

The event came to a close as John passed out exquisite Weems and Plath chart weights and we all gave the organizers a rousing standing ovation.

The next day we sadly said adios to John, he had been a great shipmate and is a good friend. The day after Steve and Leanne headed home then Rita. The absolute best two weeks on board had come to an end and the real adventure begins.