Furthur meets Furthur;

As you may know, I named Furthur after the famous bus that carried the Merry Pranksters across America, later to be depicted in the 60’s iconic book, “Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test”. Furthur was the vehicle of Intrepid Travelers then and now.

While on a run in Moolaba we chanced upon a brightly painted caravan and were jazzed to see the name “Furthur” on the front. A dreadlock adorned lad and his girlfriend came out I told him of the other Furthur. In the last month I have had reports of the Furthur bus coming up the coast form past crew.

So it was just a natural event when I found myself moored next to the other Furthur owner’s parents in Townsville. My blaring Dead music brought him scampering over re introducing himself, I am Lucky! Lucky came aboard and I gave him the tour, the Jerry Garcia doll, the hand painted toy bus, the Grateful Diver dinghy, the book collection, all to his glee and amazement. I had found a kindred spirit we talked 60’s hippy history for hours.

That night we had his folks and Tracey’s local friend over for a BBQ, Furthur Party. Craig, Lucky’s dad, told me he had been infatuated with the 60’s era and culture since he was 16 and had lived the life commencing his life’s travels four years ago. In that time he has acquired a Yacht Master’s License and considerable sea time not to mention many miles on the road aboard his Furthur.

The next day we got a tour of the bus, amongst the usual hippy trappings very intricate drawings and careful attention to detail became evident, this was a masterpiece.

Again I found a young person who instantly won my heart and respect. Lucky is off to France to pursue his career in the marine industry and to runite with his lovely lady. I truly hope our paths cross again and I wish my fellow intrepid traveler safe passage and high adventure.