Furthur Party and a song

Furthur is now known for two things–Ok maybe more but these two for sure– Parties and a crew who loves to watch the Big Bank Theory. We quote lines from the show fluidly and it is common to hear the rapping on my door, knock knock knock Brian, knock knock knock Brian.

While anchored in a remote coral lagoon in the Wakatobi Group, we were invited for “sundowners” on Curious. If you have followed this blog you know Curious is a beautiful 56′ Oyster owned by our dearest cruising friends, Trish and Stever from the UK. I have had the pleasure of cruising with them since French Polynesia and they have been to many a Furthur Party for sure.

To honor the Parties of Furthur Trish wrote this tasty rendition which is sung to the tune of the Big Bang Theory, by Bare Naked Ladies. My crew was in on this and they all produced copies of the new lyrics and did a grand sing a long. So here it is the Furthur anthem!!!

Our whole universe
Was in a hot dense state

Then nearly fourteen billion years ago
Expansion started. Wait…

The Earth began to cool,

The autotrophs began to drool,

Neanderthals developed tools

We built a wall, we built the pyramids
Math, science, history,
Unraveling the mysteries,

That all started with the big bang! BANG!

All the boats in Nuka Hiva
Were basking in the sun
Brian said “let’s have a party,
Come on, everyone”
And so to be specific
In the middle of the Pacific
The party was terrific
We had a ball – We had a barbeque
Travelling the world
With no sails to be unfurled
We all partied with a big bang! BANG!
The boatees all go off
And get themselves dressed up
Get out the party spirit
Make a salad for pot luck
Brian entertaining
Ukulele/guitar playing
Waves and rhythm have us swaying
He’s a star, a party animal
Brian, Troy and Simone
Indian Ocean harmony
Rock and rolling with a Big Bang BANG!
Now if you’re a Big Bang virgin
And would like to learn the facts
Ask Brian to tell the tale of
Schrödinger’s poor cat
While the sun sinks, all goes dark, as
Merry-makers and malarkers
May go swimming in their starkers
Neath the stars
Beneath the Milky Way
Fish and mammals in the sea
Unravelling the mystery
All skorkeling with a Big Bang – BANG!
Thanks for all you do Brian – Curious Trish – August 2011