Getting ready to leave Thailand

After three glorious months in the Land of Smiles, the visa is up and the weather changing to time to go. I have found Thailand the best place to get work done on the boat since I left Mexico; labor is a quarter of the cost of Australia and much better technicians. Parts are subject to a 5% duty and 7% VAT plus shipping so a bit more than US prices but the labor evens things out. So far all the work done here has been excellent and on time.

As you all may recall, my hot rod, gotta have em, best money can buy Northstar Batteries all failed within two years. The company was of no help so they all got dumped in Australia where I installed 6 150 amp AGM’s at a huge cost. This has not been enough as my original bank was 900 amp hours @ 24v. I am adding 4 230 amp AGM’s to the system here and taking out the stern thruster bank—all the house batteries are now in the lazerette so they can run the stern thruster—besides with the Articulating Rudder I hardly use it.

When the boat was a year old I installed a HRO DC water maker. It has worked well most of the time. I rebuilt the ETD twice—it has some very fussy plastic parts—and it is working fine but it is the only thing I do not have two of and my water needs are great—perils of an all female crew, hahaha. I did not want to be in the wilds of Indonesia and have a water problem and I have been considering removing all or part of the now useless heater and using the room for a second water maker. Anybody want to buy a used Kabola furnace in Thaialnd, hahaha… God willing I will never need it again!

After allot of discussion I have ordered a 50gph FCI modular, AC water maker and the boys will install it this week. Yahoo, with up to 75 gph with units both running, I can keep everyone wet and happy!

So Furthur will be standing tall when we leave Thailand and head to Borneo, the Philippines and remote parts of Indonesia. This will be a more travelled area this year as many cruisers are doing what I am and waiting to see of someone gets some balls and goes after the pirates. I am holding out for the pressures of an election and the change in needs of military resources in the mid east to favor intervention this summer, this might be a bit optimistic I know. Spending another year or two in SE Asia is just fine with me, l love it here.

Hey there Furthur followers, I have added a “register” space on the home page, if you do register I can send you blog updates instantly. Also I would love to hear back from some of my readers, I get over 1000 hits a week so I know you are out there—love to hear from you.. will do the trick.