Hail Hail the Gang’s all here

It was with great excitement that I learned a group of Seattle Single’s Yacht Club members would be coming to Thailand to charter boats and see the area. I joined this wonderful club the last year I was in Seattle. This was a horrid time in my life and the club was an oasis of friendship and camaraderie. I found a group of single adults who loved boating, dancing and parties, and did all three every chance they could. The club unites singles with boats, skippers, with non boat owners who want to get out on the water. Each skipper is required to take a certain amount of members boating each year to maintain skipper status. I have been able to maintain my membership while cruising with the member guests who visit me and this visit allowed me to have many friends onboard and to reach my quota. The results are a great group of people enjoying camaraderie and boating together.

The group of fifteen arrived in Phuket and we met for dinner. The next day they were to pick up the boats an hour’s drive from Chalong and head to an agreed upon anchorage in Phang Nga Bay. I picked up three of the lady members who would ride up with me including my old friend Cathy who had crewed on Furthur many times for club events. It was good to see her.

We headed up the bay in sunshine and enjoyed the beauty of the rock formations which make the islands. We met the other boats and had a good time swimming and snorkeling about. Nothing like the smile on a Seattleite in winter swimming in 86 degree water!

My crew prepared a feast for the gang and they came over for a great Furthur Party. The next day I took them into several of the caves and hongs that dot northern Nga Bay. The squeals came when we entered the dark Bat Cave. And the Ewwww’s came as we left the cave and entered the tropical splendor of the hidden lagoon.

The next few days we hit all the hot spots, did some cliff jumping and swimming and much revelry. This was such a great thing for me as the one thing I do miss from home is this Yacht Club. I loved showing them the wonders of Thailand and all the hidden treasures I have found in the last few months. I even dug out my club burgee and flew it all week.