Happy New Year, Petang Beach style

The stay at Phuket Boat Harbor was productive. The windlass problem turned out to be another louse wire. There was a leak in the bearing so I had it replaced also, small fee as opposed to a new windlass, wew a relief. I had the same great Thai guys clean out the carburetor on the Suzuki outboard for about $32; I had the exact same job done in Darwin for $250.

While in the marina I visited the Selene Asia dealer, Hakan Lange of Derani Yachts, another gent I had met in China. He has been very successful in selling some of the larger Selenes in his small market, also did well with the 36/40 models and we saw several boating about. Hakan kindly offered to help me organize my haul out and bottom paint job, good to have local support. In the middle of all the work stuff Missy and i took a long kayak paddle up the river into the jungle and the neighboring marina

With the problems solved and contacts made and several great new friends we left the marina and headed back to Chelong Beach for one night then off to Petong Beach, a three hour ride.

We anchored with a large crowd and went to shore. This is the party side of Thailand. Bars and tourist shops line the one mile beach. This is also the home of the famous girly shows and ladyboy shows one hears so much about. We laughed that this area sits at the back side of the Big Buddha so he cannot see what is going on.

Our plan was to go back to the boat and watch the fireworks then head to the party after midnight. I prepared for a late night with a nap and tons of coffee. The fireworks started at dark and went on endlessly for the next five hours from one end of the beach to the other. Thousands of lit floating lanterns adorned the sky and seemed to dodge the blitz of explosions coming from the beach. The grand finally was stunning. Now I have seen the world’s largest fireworks display in Sydney, a sight to behold and certainly the most prolific here in Petong.

Loaded with caffeine we hit the long sandy beach to find thousands of merrymakers. It has been the Furthur mission to experience every aspect of the cultures we visit regardless of our judgements and the next experiences certainly tested that dedication. We worked our way to Bangla Road the home of all the shows and tried a few. The first bar was huge and had several stages covered in absolutely gorgeous large breasted girls grinding away. I was again shocked to find out these beautiful women were all Ladyboys, most “post op” as they say.

Not wanting to leave any box unchecked we hit one of the shows. I will only say that it was truly bizarre and featured, fish, small birds, turtles and of course ping pong balls. As is usual the Furthur crew made new friends in the strangest places and had a roaring good time.

Everyone properly a gasp we went back to the beach to join a huge crowd reeling madly to the techno dance music coming from a large stage again full of dancers. We danced until five in the morning when the music closed down and headed back to Furthur in the predawn morning.

There may be bigger and wilder parties but I doubt it. So ended my third New Years Eve on this wonderful voyage. From a quiet anchorage in Mexico, the spectacular fireworks in Sydney and the ultimate party in Thailand the day has been celebrated half way around the world by the Furthur crew. I look to 2012 with great excitement and an ever increasing gratitude for the blessings in my life. The Furthur crew wishes a Happy New Year to all who follow us around the world. May your dreams become your story.