Have a Furthur Adventure and help captive Orcas

Great Musicians come together to help Free the Orca’s

One by one the rock bands that had booked to play at Sea World learned of the horrors of the place and refused to play. Our own Seattle band Heart, Joan Jett, and many others told Sea World they could not support the captivity of Orca Whales.

KISS THE SKY! The Orca Freedom Concert


Many of those groups got together today in Seattle to do the Kiss the Sky concert with all proceeds going to anti captivity groups. Some of my favorite performers were there, Grahan Nash, Heart, Joan Jett, Country Joe MacDonald. Many of my old whale hugger friends too; Ken Balcomb, his son Kelly, Paul Sponge, Michael Harris and others. the group of which i hold a board position, Orca Conservancy was a prime organizer. i have never wanted to be back in Seattle as much as today, getting video clips sent to me during the show. Graham Nash backed by Heart doing CSN songs, wow!!!

Not being there i did the next best thing, i donated a 3 night cruise on Furthur in beautiful Thailand. The bidding is already going well. So friends here is your chance to spend time with the Furthur crew, enjoy some of the best cruising in the world and help whales all at the same time, Please send in your bid today!


i hope one to see you on Furthur, and so do the whales in captivity.

Capt. Brian,