heaven on earth

this is the Aka family, Mihi, Maria and Telia. They live in a true Robinson Crusoe setting on a remote bay with no car access. They eat what they hunt, catch, gather or grow. they invited some of our friends on a wild goat hunt and then had us all in for a grand BBQ. What an amazing night it was, sitting on the rough hued log tables next to the pounding surf dining on simply wonderful food with truly happy genuine folks. If you could bottle Mihi’s smile you would put Prozac out of busiess!

the day after this feast we hiked to the third highest waterfal in the world, a brisk ten mile round trip through ancient ruins. this is one of the few places on earth where there once was ten times the population. It seems the good Christian missionaries feeling the need to prove converts went to heaven killed ninty percent of the population sending them to thier new found salvation. Way to go! We had a glorious swim in the cool pools under the falls.

Again that night we were blessed with the company of the Aka family, i brought them out to Furthur for another great dinner after which we broke out the guitars and had a great sing a long. When we were singing “Knocking on Heavan’s Door” we knew we were there.

Tomorrow we beging the short three day passage–yup a three day boat ride has suddenly become short, hahaha– to the Tuamotus, where i will hook up with some Dannish and English dive buddies for world class diving in crytal clear water with skads of sharks, yipeee!