Help protect Whale Sharks, its easy

As i have said often, the greatest surprise and joy of the Furthur Adventure has been getting to know the wonders of the many crew members who have joined us. One that stands out is a young California girl who abandoned a budding legal career, home and all familiar, traded her condo for a back pack and BMW for a motorbike, to set out on her own adventure. Marisa joined me for my Dive Master training in Kota Kinabalu two years ago, she did a short stint as crew on Furthur and then moved up to Dive Instructor, managing dive shops in Bali. I would visit her twice as we passed by Bali.

Answering the call to adventure, again she gave up security for new challenges. She is now involved in an extraordinary effort to protect the largest fish in the ocean, the Whale Shark. We look forward to joining her in the Philippines next Spring. As for now she REALLY needs the help of the Furthur Followers and all you have to do is some clicking!! So please read the instructions below and click away, someday you will have the extreme joy of seeing or diving with a Whale Shark and know you did a bit to help protect them!!!

Hey Brian,

Thanks for your help on this! Here’s what we need to make this happen:

1. Visit and share it with everyone you know;

2. Follow us on and twitter (@abovegiants) for more information about our project, and daily whale shark facts and updates, and invite all of your friends to do the same;

3. Vote for us as much as possible between September 16th and 29th. You’re allowed one vote per day.

For more information about the project (and our NGO), check out

For more information about my story, check out

Thanks so much Brian! Super excited about this, and think it can make a big difference in whale shark conservation.