Honored Guests

We moved from Lovina, a lovely quiet anchorage to the hustle of southern Bali. I had a major battery problem that could only be looked at tied to a marina. Central Indo has one marina, and a shaky one at that, Bali Marina. It is located in the major shipping port on the south end of Denpasar. The house bank; ten AGM batteries from two to one years old seemed to go flat. When I got there I discovered one of the terminals had broken cutting off the second bank of batteries. This seemed to have killed at least one of this bank. I isolated the good bank and we seem to be OK. Trying to get large AGM batteries in Indo would be a huge and expensive undertaking so glad it is working.

As we have seen in Malaysia and Bali, the taking of wedding pictures is a major event. On any day and especially Sunday you can find young blushing couples all dolled up stumbling down the docks in high heeels to get those treasured shots of the couple by a yacht. On this Sunday I invited two couples aboard. I did this last year and found it to be a hoot. The first had on fairly normal clothing but the second gal donned a bright yellow fluffy wedding dress that just had to be seen on Furthur.

Unlike many Americans, these people usually only get one wedding, hahaha, so it is a doozy. Interestingly the pictures are taken months before the actual wedding and in full wedding attire. The ol’ myth about seeing the bride in the dress before the wedding is not held here. I do not know how many times but it looks like she gets to wear the dress on several occasions. 

They love to stand at the bow and pose, the handlers and photographers set the scene and tweak the pose. The entourage is usually five or six people and very professional. I always sneak in a couple of shots on my camera and they seem to welcome the addition. Sometime decades from now a little girl will be looking at grandma’s wedding pictures and see Furthur, “tell me again about the funny man in the gold whale tale necklace and the big blue boat grandma” she will say. It makes me glad to know that Furthur will be part of their memories. Again Furthur is helping make people’s dreams their story.