In the Jungle, the Mightly Jungle

Furthur crew at the falls

Time for a land trip, so we hired a couple scooters and with the help of my local friend, Kate, off we went on a big adventure. First stop was not far, up the mountain for a great view of the anchorage. Pictures taken and down the long windy road we go.

view of Puerto Galera and the anchorage

Jenny and Carmen at the look out

Next stop was to be our destination, but things change, we did the spectacular twisty road to the first waterfall, Tamaraw Falls. This one is right on the main road and quite amazing. There we met Mark, who convinced us to extend our quest to Tukaron Falls, a much more involved journey. Mark took two of the girls on the one bike, riding 3 up is common here, and i took Kate with me, down the road we went. We cut off the main road and up into areas of rice paddies and jungle, all full of wonder.

i dont want a pickle, just want to ride my motorcycle

Soon we arrived at the small village at the beginning of the trek up to the falls. We were greeted by a gathering if wide eyed very friendly folks. Now i have crossed the land and sea in some peculiar modes, but this was a first, a Carabao cart, or water buffalo as we know them. The huge beast sundered up the hill crossing the river six time in the route. The landscape went from rice patties to intense jungle and incredible rock formations.

new form of travel

All the way we were followed by the local shop owners who, armed with umbrellas made the trek behind the cart in hopes we would visit their shops. As it is Chinese New Year, there are a lot of Chinese and Korean tourists here, interestingly the shop owners did not follow their carts.

village ladies

Kate makes the big jump

We arrived at the falls and immediately plunged into the refreshingly cool water. Then we climbed up and over the rocks to see the entire set of falls. Back at the base i felt so obligated to buy something at the shops, so we got a few nick knacks, after all the two ladies walked a good mile and crossed the river six times to show us their wares. i commented that i wished my sales staff had worked that hard, hahaha.

tribal lady doing chores

On the way down we passed by an old woman doing laundry in the river, i was told she was a member of a jungle tribe, genetically different from most Filipinas, we later passed by their village tucked back into the jungle, people living as they have for hundreds if not thousands of years. Once again i was reminded of where i am, something often forgotten in the more touristy and modern areas. We are not in Kansas anymore Toto!

back down the road we go

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