in the Sea of Cortez

FUBAR Mag Bay to Puerto del Cabo

We made a mid morning departure to enable crossing the busy and scenic Cabo San Lucas in day light. We again were blessed with an increasing moon. Just before dusk Steve and John got a double hook up on two nice Dorado. For those of you who catch most of your fish in a restaurant, that is Mahi Mahi. A calm night followed by a brilliant sunrise over the ocean just south of the cape. Not often do we westerners see the sun up over the ocean.

Leaving Mag Bay and then rounding the entrance to Cabo we saw the two Mexico’s collide. One has primitive huts, subsistence living and the peace that goes with a small remote community, unchanged for decades. The other is massive development, extraordinary architecture and all that modern man has to offer. There seems to be no middle ground between these two Mexico’s.

The passing into the Sea Of Cortez has great significance for me as I was now in waters I had not traveled. Furthur has truly gone further. It was laughingly pointed out that every day from now on will have the same significance. We pass by huge mansions and magnificent resorts until we enter into the break water of Puerto los Cabos. This was a place of great future plans but little here now. The marina had not power and is still in a state of casual building. That night we went to the resort for a bit of a sales pitch and a great party, plentiful spread, a mariachi band and eloquent staff.

I donned the running shoes and went exploring this morning, again the two Mexico’s inter wind; rolling green golf courses surrounded by large modern homes and then into the village of more traditional Mexican architecture.

A few notes, you all should check out John’s blog on it will be great, also we just got the “spot” up and running again so we are not lost.