Kupang Rocks

Kapung Rocks

sunset with the fleet

The celebrations began as the entire Rally was invited to two gala dinners sponsored by the Governor and the Major. We were treated to local cuisine and local dance and music. We were invited, and of course I jumped in, to join the local dancers.

motto learned along the way; never pass up the chance to dance with kids!

Furthur was given the honor of “Best Dressed Crew” for the Rally and our good friend Pablo and his Captain were awarded best décor.

In the afternoon before the Major’s dinner Troy’s new Indonesian friend, Mr. Hubble, invited us all to his home for lunch. Mr. Hubble is the tourism director for the Major’s office. He arranged for us all to get motor scooters to ride to his home just outside of town. I have done allot of thrilling things, riding a motor scooter in Indonesia will certainly go on the list, wild barely describes it. Mr Hubble and family opened their home and their hearts to us.

note the angle of the dish–500 miles from the equator you point straight up!

Our time here in Kupang has been amazing. Again we meet people of extraordinary charm and warmth. I read somewhere a line that sums up the Indonesian; they are they are poor, oppressed, the victim of many wars and atrocities and should miserable—but nobody told them so they are warm, happy, smiling and sharing at all times.