La Cruz for dancing and Puddlejump meeting

We took ten folks to La Cruz after an afternoon cruise of the bay. La Cruz is a great village with an amazing music scene- very much traditional Mexican with little tourist influence. the Puddle Jumpers meet there once a week so i went for the gathering. We all enjoyed a great meal and had a blast dancing at Anna Bannana’s the local hang out for aging hippies (thats me!)

We met some younger folks too. Lisa (top pick) who’s dress matched the tie dye on Furthur– is just graduating from Veterinary school and will be working with race horses (i am looking forward to good tips, hahaha). Lisa’s extended family came along on the cruise. We all danced the night away!

We got to know some of the cruisers in La Cruz, one who had actually lived at Perry Lane in Palo Alto in the very same row of cabins that Ken Kesey hosted historic gatherings.