Labuan Bago, the beginning of the end of quant villages

Labuan Bago, the beginning of the end of quant villages

We made the calm voyage to Laugon Bago in two easy days with a wonderful anchorage in the middle. We arrived in the anchorage to find many of the Sail Indonesia fleet already there and many more arriving.

This is the gate way to the Komodo National Park, a gallant effort by the Indonesians at conservation and I commend them. The Park is a great revenue source as many commercial dive companies and tours use the Park as a base. They all realize the need for conservation, not easy in a country of hundreds of millions of hungry people.

While in town the crew did some socializing with younger crew from other boats and I enjoyed seeing old friends too. I finally got that long awaited, heavily anticipated and illusive cheeseburger. Now that I am a reinstated carnivore I do love such things.

Supplies were plentiful in the town and the girls did mega shopping, they now realize just how to seize the opportunity to stock up. The dinghy was so full I had to make two trips to get the supplies.

We picked up the long awaited new crew member, Beth, who hails from Scotland, clan tartan and all. Beth just finished her dive master course and is eager to get “wet”. I have a spectacular crew now, laughter abounds and they have taken over most of the chores of running the boat. I rarely have to get involved in the day to day chores of provisioning, domestic chores and the scrumptious food just seems to flow out of the galley always surrounded by laughter and glee. With six it is a bit crowded but it does not seem to be a problem, more of a vehicle to a great time. Each morning I awake and jokingly look to see where the crew has perched for the night; hammock, air mattress, pilot berth, you never know!

After nearly two years, yes will be two years in 3 weeks, of the bliss of gallivanting about the globe I have gained so many heart tugging friends. Alas the lifestyle has its own paradox, in order to keep meeting new people and seeing new lands you have to let go of so many along the way. My tale is one of continued ins and outs of wonderful friends.

We had to do just that, let go, of our dear friend Holy who was crew on Contrails from Florida. Holy spent allot of time on Furthur and we had some spectacular times. She announced she had to return home on the way to Labuan Bago so she rode the last day with us to spend as much time as she could on Furthur. It was a day of great times as we all did not let her impending departure get in the way of a good time.

Speaking of good time! We had to throw her a party! Also we had to celebrate the arrival of Beth so the plans were laid. We had a great group, some new to the Furthur Party scene and some veterans. The highlight of the evening was the “Furthur Singers” complete with guitar, rhythm sections and harmony sang a rousing medley of Bob Marley’s “Every Little Thing is going to be Alright” followed by our own version of “Don’t Worry Be Happy” with a twist to “don’t worry be Holy”. Holy was truly moved and bounded to each singer with a tear stained kiss. We all wish Holy the best in life and hope to see her again someday.

Supplies stored party brilliantly complete it was time to venture out into the wilds of the park. Dragons, sharks, Manta Rays and epic diving await us.