Leaving Altuana

Leaving Altuana

Log of Furthur, 4/8/10. Thursday is the big day on Hiva Oa, the Copra ship comes in. Everything that comes to the island or leaves does so on this ship. We saw boats, cargo, cars, and even horses unloaded. Waiting at the dock were large bags of Copra, the main crop of Hiva Oa.

Liz has decided to stay on the island to cultivate her new local friendships. We will miss her and wish her well in her journey.

After we watched the ship we began our departure routine. Knowing the stern anchor was fouled I donned a dive tank and took a look. It had hooked fast to a submerged cyclone fence type material. After retrieving the anchor we reloaded all the dinghies and kayaks—I do have a fleet of toys.

We left the harbor early afternoon to seek a quieter anchorage and we succeeded, a place where we are the only boat. Hanamenu Bay is on the northwest side of the island out of the trade winds swell. The bay looks like Yakima River Canyon, stark rock walls with ragged tops forming oh so many images. At the end of the bay past the black sandy beach is a palm tree forest. We notice some signs of life as we ride the surf to the beach. A local man and two small boys come to welcome us and show us where the pools are. We are ecstatic to find a tropical pool of cool water surrounded by flowers and large ferns. The water is crystal clear spring water. We relish in the cool soak admiring the surroundings. On our way out, our new friend Louie gave us a large bag of fresh limes grown right there in the valley. We agree Louie has it made, he even has a couple of horses.

Back on the boat we enjoy the evening with bright stars above and no other lights but ours. We will stay here another day or try on more anchorage on Hiva Oa before heading to Nuka Hiva.