Letter to Seleners

Two Years at Sea Two years ago we left the Seattle Boats

Afloat Show and started the greatest

adventure of my life. Since then I have

logged over 20,000 miles, 3000 engine

hours and twelve countries. Each new

place is an unexpected adventure and

each new friend a cherished gift.

It was not without trepidation that I cast off for so many places unknown and to make historic passages for Selene. “What am I doing?” What if something breaks?” What if I make a crucial mistake?,” “ Do I really know enough to make this trip?,”“Have I thought of everything and made every preparation?” and of course “What have I forgot?” all ran through my worried head night after night.

I learned quickly that preparation is the key to success and I also learned that you will never be fully prepared. There will always be one more job, one more part to pack, one more book to read. You have to draw a line in the sand, mark your calendar and cast off no matter what. This goes for boat preparation as well as life preparation. There is NO time better than now to set your course for adventure. Remember there is no “someday.” There is only Monday, Tuesday, and the rest so pick one and stick to it. I used the Boat Show as my go date; party planned and no escape, I had to go. We were working on the boat and loading supplies right up ‘till we waved goodbye.

What followed was the fulfillment of a life’s dream. Where I have gone, who I have met and what I have done far exceed my wildest dream. The richness of the experiences is immeasurable by any standard I have ever known. This is living life in another plain, another reality, another standard not known in the “real world” and it is actually easy. Cruising takes diligence and discipline and has risk but no more than surviving commuting in Seattle traffic. Actually crossing an ocean is far safer than driving from Everett or Renton to the boat show in rush hour traffic and far less stressful.

I encourage all of you to stretch you boundaries to toss them all together, they are the only thing between you and your dreams. The world is an amazing place full of wonders so take your Selene and go see it. You will never regret it!

Thank you for all your support, the 96,000 hits on my blog and the tons of e mails.

Captain Brian Calvert

M/V Furthur