Life in San Diego

I read the weather forecast this mourning– not sure why, it is always the same; cloudy in the mourning, sunny in the afternoon highs in the upper 70’s. ahhh it is great! I am moored at the Island Palm Hotel Marina with full use of the facilities; exercise room, two pools and two hot tubs. The slip is at the end of the marina in the mega yacht section– Furthur is the smallest boat in sight all my neighbors have full crews aboard who i have gotten to know.

The first two days here i attended the FUBAR seminars put on by the San Diego Yacht Club. The SDYC is doing an amazing job of organizing the event. I particularly enjoyed the seminar on fishing as i have not done any deep sea fishing and look forward to catching BIG fish. The seminars covered everything from electrical/mechanical preparations to insurance and first aid. It was great to meet the other FUBAR participants. I will also attend the Pacific Puddle Jumpers gathering here in two weeks.

If your international boating has been done in Canada, you will find preparing for Mexico more of a black art then a science. The rules seem to be obscure with everyone having definite albeit differing opinions on some basic topics. The rules also change by area and with who you will deal with. USA meat is not allowed in Mexico– some weird retaliation for something we did to them years ago– but it is OK in Ensenada but not Cabo San Lucas. I have had four firmly stated opinions on Mexican insurance all by professionals and all different. I see this as part of the alluring mystery of Mexico and not a deterant, but it does give one a renewed appreciation for the stead fast Canadians.

I will use my time here to do some minor boat projects, enjoy the sun and get in great shape. i bought a used mountain bike to get around on and am enjoying running in the warm weather. A group of friends from the SSYC are coming this weekend for a joint cruise with the San Diego singles yacht club– this will be a blast.

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  1. all of a sudden..I am sorry that I won’t make this w/e down in warm SD….it is rainy and cold here now…fall has finally caught up with us..all the leaves are changing…the colors are awesume….hope you guys have a great time together….

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