Life on Furthur from the eyes of Amy

“The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experiences.” – Eleanor Roosevelt


As I sit rooftop cruising in the beautiful Malay waters.. I have David Gray’s album playing in the background and the peaceful ambiance of the splashing waves. Life is fabulous – and I think of how fortunate I am to be here!

I joined Furthur 2 months ago after spending the last year traveling around parts of Asia. When in the Philippines a fellow traveler told me about the website, and mentioned that you can join sailors from all around the world. When checking it out, I thought, ‘Wow, this sounds like an incredible experience that I would love to endure!’ Brian & I got in contact in November and spoke about joining the crew, however I had travel plans to meet up with my sister in India until mid February so couldn’t commit to anything until after that.

Being on the boat has been a very relaxing time since leaving bamboozling India. Mostly, I love having my own bedroom, my clothes out of my backpack and in drawers, and a galley to cook in. Marina & I spend our days deciding what delicious meal to create next – from fresh seafood, to exotic salads, to home baked goods. And boy is it nice to have the opportunity to eat western food again.

The cruising lifestyle has opened my eyes to something I would love to continue to partake in the future. From waking up early to do yoga at sunrise while a school of dolphins dance at the bow, jumping off the top deck into the deep blue waters, kayaking into bat filled caves, daily scuba diving adventures and meeting fabulous people from all walks of life having the same common interest – boating!

I have learnt a lot in the past months.. about cruising, waterways, cultures, people and myself. I want to thank Brian for allowing me this opportunity and opening my eyes to a lovely lifestyle, and Marina for being the perfect crew mate and great new friend!

So as the burning hot sun shines on my back, a cold drink in hand, the most peaceful surroundings, and a big smile on my face… I am thankful for each and every moment available – this is your life, blink and you’ll miss it!

I’m re-visiting this post that I wrote almost a month ago… and just finished our ‘Last Supper’ on the boat before Marina and I jump ship and sail to Japan. We made it to Borneo safely and have spent the last 2 weeks surrounded by beautiful crystal waters diving, swimming and relaxing aboard. Things have sure changed since I joined the boat … Marina and I are currently drinking RED wine out of Selene wine GLASSES! Shocking moment on Furthur – since both red wine and glasses are no-no’s,

1. Red wine stains, 2. Glass shatters!

So, let’s just say this is the ultimate sign that we’ve gained the trust of Brian. Cheers!

Until next time ..Peace & Love,