Life on Furthur

I am often asked what a day of Furthur is like, hard to answer as the vary so much. Here is a collection of pictures mostly taken by crew members that will give you a glimpse of Life on Furthur.

Meals are an important part of the bonding and fun the crew have. i have been blessed with some phenomenal cooks and i am happy to say I am spoiled rotten. Here is a pancake breakfast under the warm Thai morning sun.

it is a Furthur tradition for new crew to jump from the upper deck– and great fun for old timers too!

We celebrate the entrance into each country with a flag raising ceremony–here we are back in Malaysia

Not all hard work and fun, there is always time for a nap

We celebrate birthdays with zest.

Shore side exploring can take us into caves, lagoons and jungles.

We make friends with the locals as much as we can, here is a lovely Thai girl who joined us.

Local sea food is always a favorite and we buy it from the fisherman when we can.

We partake in the local customs and religious practices. i found a real connection to the Buddhist Temples.

dive gear stored and off to the next dive site, with a little fishing on the way.

the kayaks are great for exploring remote white sandy beaches.

diving is a major part of what we do. Yes when we say meet the locals it may have big teeth

We sing songs and i love to play the guitar for the crew.

Not all fun and games, provisioning is the hardest job the crew does. planning, buying, getting it all to the boat and storing provisions can be a long job but fun if done as a team.

this is just a glimpse of what we do, i hope you enjoyed a look into the Life on Furthur. let me know if you have any questions or comments,