Life on Niue

We have now been on the isalnd of Niue for a week, it is a unique place for sure. The natural beauties abound, intriguing caves, rugged coastline and flat altitude make it like no other island in the Pacific. The people live here on their own terms, very friendly but rigid in some practices, it is illegal to swim here on Sunday. Sunday is taken very seriously and we strive not to offend.

The cruisers are all made very welcome and accommodated to a amazing degree by the Niue Yacht Club. Commodore Keith monitors all events and comings an goings of all the cruisers, his club house is the meeting place for all of us–twelve here now using the internet.

There will be some crew opening on Furthur mid Sept in Fiji, if anyone wants to taste paradise and get some crusing experince.

We did some diving on our own and then were informed that the buoys are not to be used by cruisers and that the local dive company is the only way to dive here–not rules we liked but not our island. We did go with Niue Dive for a day and they did give a favorable discount to cruisers so peace made. We did some amazing cave dives and then got an extra bonus of swimming with Spinner Dolphins. Two divers hang on to the sides of the inflatable with mask and snorkle as they drive through the pod– the dolphins seem to be used to it and swim right up next to you– a great thrill. Then they dive far below and create a mystical sight in the 100 ft visability. This was truly the experinece of a lifetime.

Niue is a sort of round island with not real bays or protected anchorage. We are tied to well secured moorings supplied by the yacht club in a small dent in the west coast of the island providing protections from the usual easterly winds. It is a rolly place most of the time but last night got real wild. The wind shifted from the south and hit the hight 30’s so we bounced all night. Some boats lost gear off their boats and no one got any sleep. We were all gland when the gail passed and the seas calmed.

We will stay a few more days and then head to Tonga, a short 240 miles west of here. The weather favors a mid week departure. We are all looking forward to Tongs, calm anchorages, great diving and a touch of civilization, followed by remote villages and seclusion.