Meet Charli and Farewell Simone

Meet Charli and Farewell Simone

The crew has again transformed. Simone enjoyed 65 days on Furthur and was an excellent crew that grew into a close friend. After a taste of the night life offered in Bali she decided to stay and take in the sights on land. We had all grown so fond of her it was a bit of a blow and we were all feeling down. We were also losing needed crew for the next long legs and most important such an amazing cook. I have learned that along with the bliss of my evolving crew come some sorrow, such is the life I have chosen. I sincerely wish Simone safe and happy travels.

Then along came an email from a girl we had met in Wakatobi who was a dive instructor at the research station we visited. I had been very impressed with Charli as she easily befriended us all. We shared many passions and she was very interested in the conservation work I had been involved in. Of course I instantly thought she would be good crew and the possibility was discussed. So her e mail two days before we left Bali wanting to come aboard was timely. Quick travel arrangements made and she was onboard in 48 hours.

Charli hales from the land of royal families, large clocks and Shakespeare. This is the third crew from the UK recently and I find the Winston Churchill, chin up, attitude refreshing. We have also had a study in the various accents about the UK, an experience that brings Henry Higgins to mind. Charli has that sweet and peppy Haylie Mills accent that I really enjoy.

Charli has been an active dive instructor for some time and held positions all around the world. She received her training in Croatia and has ridden her instructor ticket to many exotic locations. She is one of the nomadic young dive instructors combining the love of travel and diving to create an amazing life. I am looking forward to many great dives with Charli. We welcome Charli to the crew of Furthur.

A bit about the crew; Troy has now been aboard for 4 months and has grown into a real top notch “first officer” as we call him—aka Riker for you Treckies. It has been a joy to watch him evolve from the shy boy who came aboard to the one all the crew turns to. He is dedicated to learning everything he can and taking on all the responsibilities he can all with a quiet demeanor. I have put allot of trust in Troy and never been let down. The cruisers all love him as he has the unusual ability to shift from generation to generation with ease.

Lisa, the quiet one, our girl from Russia has also developed into a great crew member. She seamlessly took over the lead in the galley and provisioning all with almost no communication. I am often fooled by her quiet smile then she pops up a good zinger and a big grin.

So off to see the rest of Indonesia and the wonders of Singapore with a great first officer and two stunningly beautiful, capable girls—it is good to be me!