Meet Debbie and Jess

Meet Debbie and Jess

Welcome aboard! The #31 and 32 crew on the Furthur Adventure arrived with the dawn on Sept 16 after a long flight from Virginia—long flight!

Debbie and I were friends back in the San Juan Islands fifteen years ago when she and a friend –like so many others—were drawn to the islands by the call of the Orca Whales. We hung out, did some boating, flying and worked on an Orca release campaign, Free Lolita, and then she disappeared into her own future which including becoming a mom.

Alas the wonders of technology! A Facebook note appeared, “are you the guy that flew us around the islands?” and we reconnected. I was in Mexico at the time. We kept up e mails and I persistently invited her to come along for a South Seas adventure. Finally the stars aligned and she could make it.

Debbie is an author and teacher who teaches personal and spiritual growth. She also does web design and marketing. You can check her activities out on or

Jess is an eleven year old boy. He has lived in New Mexico and now Virginia. He is home schooled so traveling is not new but everything else he is about to experience is. In one short week he has taken his first major boat trip, fished for the first time (note I said fished not caught a fish) snorkeled, kayaked, drove a dinghy, ate at a Fijian feast and yes even drank cava—all firsts for him.

Now most of you know I am not—shall we say—a kid person. My experience with kids is limited at best. And I dare say I am not the usual “adult” that Jess has come across either so this will be a great learning experience for both of us… stay tuned!