Meet July

Meet July

After some whirl wind crew changes I was very glad to welcome July aboard Furthur. As is common, July is a findacrew girl who is seeking to gain experience in the boating world. She recently completed the professional deck hand training and is pursuing a career in the yacht world, so the experience of a long passage will add to her qualifications.

July brings another new flag to Furthur, she is from Argentina. This makes 14 countries from which I have had crew. I have gone around the world and never left the boat, haha. Her English is excellent and she is helping me a bit with my feeble attempts to learn Spanish.

July took the PADI Open Water course from my friends at Gili Air and we have enjoyed several dives, she is well on the way to becoming an excellent diver.

This is not an easy trip, 1400 miles of hot and rolly travel . This is the first time I have done such a long trip with just two people. Most cruisers are couples and for them this is the norm but I have enjoyed larger crews hence better watch schedules. I will give a report on this at the end of the trip. We are on a three day leg now and she is doing a fantastic job at watches, cooking and is great company.

July has a strong yet quiet nature and is a joy to be with. Her warm smile and tantalizing accent are wonderful. I look forward to more of her great cooking, diving and her enchanting smile as we head back to the Land of Smiles.