Meet Kara

Again Furthur is blessed with a bright, inquisitive and joyful crew. Kara came aboard in Southport, near Brisbane, arriving from Thailand.

Kara hails from the great state of New Mexico and although not a state famed for its mariners, she brings the rugged western spirit with her.

She spent the last year in Thailand completing her dive master internship and dive instructor training. It will be great to have an accomplished dive partner. I do suspect she will straighten out some of my long held bad diving habits, hahahaha.

Although all this cruising stuff is new to her she has jumped in with vigor. She is eager to learn and has already done the deck work and even taken the helm making a night approach to this harbor. She has taken on the task of hostess having guests aboard several times and is expanding her realm in the galley daily. We now have the incredible egg McKara breakfast sandwich.

I am very eager to get back to cruising mode, leave the cities, drop the anchor, swim over white sandy beaches. Kara will be great to have along on the adventure of diving the Great Barrier Reef!

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  1. Kara is a great girl, you are lucky to have her! I have known Kara since she was a kid and have watched her grow into a beautiful and confident young women. So very thrilled for her new adventure!

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